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The Gonzalez Family

The Gonzalez' are a close knit family, reflecting the prominent role that family plays in Zapotec culture.

Ruben and Elena, both in their late 50's, are the parents. Ruben splits his time between the loom and the fields, while Elena takes care of the home, cooks, sells occasional produce in the market, and prepares the wool for weaving.

They have five grown children, all of whom live in the same home--a common occurrence here. The oldest is 33 year old Leonel. 30 year old Osvaldo lives here with his new wife, Olga. The oldest daughter, Minerva, is 25. She is followed by 23 year old Magdalena and 17 year old Soledad.

Everybody in the family has a role to play. The sons spend much of their time weaving, and work in the family fields as well. The daughters all weave, cook, and tend to other domestic activities.

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