Artisans in Focus
I created this site originally as a short lived attempt at e-commerce. While that didn't last long, I decided to leave the site up as a way to both tell the story of the Zapotec weaver and encourage people to visit my friends the Gonzalez' in person when they visit Teotitlan del Valle.

(Check here for more information on meeting the Gonzalez'.)

In the spring of 1997, I had the good fortune of settling in for an afternoon's conversation with two Zapotec women, Elena and Magdalena Gonzalez, as they sat selling their weavings in the weekly market in Tlacolula, Oaxaca.

That conversation planted the seeds for a long-term friendship and a discovery of the depth and beauty of the Zapotec culture that led to the creation of Artisans in Focus.

All the photography on this site is mine. For more photography from around the world, visit my photography site.

Based in Seattle, I am a Passion Catalyst (sm), helping people identify their passions and create careers that ignite them. You can find more information on my work at the Passion Catalyst home page.

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